We have specialized in hotel real estate. Through CasaFin GmbH, we handle purchases and sales, including the relevant management before and after. With our international partners, who are always looking for investments in this segment, it is possible for our customers to handle everything in a short time.

We organize the operation of the hotel facilities with international partners in this industry.


In the field of moveable real assets, we specialize in values that bring in regular distributions and which means that our customers are independent worldwide, while maintaining the basic capital. We cover the following areas of real assets.

Precious metals, solar power, plantation shares, cryptocurrencies and always exclusive LIMITED investments.


Our partnership with a global player in the crypto world, it is important to us to introduce interested people to this world and to make regular profits.

Crypto exchange, trading, artificial intelligence, high interest rates on your crypto account, support and the knowledge you need to feel safe.

All this is available at CasaFin

The CasaFin GmbH

CasaFin GmbH was founded with the knowledge that real estate sellers and buyers often need help with the financial plan afterwards. Security is usually sought in the next property. Here, in turn, there are a whole series of additional costs that prevent a return for years. With our alternative concepts, our customers feel good, their heads are free and they can concentrate on other beautiful things in life.

The best solution for the project is found and supported in constructive meetings. External experts are called in if required at the request of the customer. Partners in various industries support CasaFin GmbH in processing and with their experience.

Preserving values & creating added value

Our mission is to show people new perspectives and paths.

We would like to lead people to more personal responsibility, because trust has been abused many times and in the end the great awakening came.

Our values are energies and energy wants to flow. Let’s give our values a good way to grow and prosper.

Der CasaFin Club

Workshops & Seminars

Our members draw their knowledge from the sources of experience and practice.

Top-class guest speakers and lecturers support our association’s purpose, which revolves around all human values.

Consumer Protection

The club checks the members‘ investments for correctness and earning potential. If the worst comes to the worst, lawyers are on hand to provide help and advice.


All members are allowed to discuss tricky questions on the subject of material assets and inner values in our telegram group “From faith to knowledge”. The valuable answers enrich the entire community and lead from belief to knowledge.